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Blank Forms
I work with Blank Forms—a non-profit that presents and preserves vanguard art and music—on development and publications.

Princeton University
As of September 2018 I'm a graduate student in the department of art and archaeology at Princeton, studying "TBD."

Greene Naftali
I worked at this gallery for about two-and-half years, from 2016–2018.

I was one of the editors of AdHoc—a music site, zine, and concert promoter—for about four years, from 2013–2017.

Tony Conrad: "Pythagoras in the Park"
I’ve been slowly working on something that relates to this video.

CC Hennix: "For the 50th Anniversary of A Love Supreme"
I'm helping with something that includes this poem and other things by Christer.

Memorial for Tony Conrad
I was fortunate to work on memorial events for Tony in March and April 2017.

Kevin Roark
Kevin helped me make this website, and he also makes great art. Take a look.

More links to come…