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Tony Conrad: "Pythagoras in the Park"
I’m working on something that relates to what Tony talks about in this video. Stay tuned.

I’m one of the editors of AdHoc, a music site, zine, and concert promoter here in New York City that puts together pretty cool stuff.

Blank Forms
Blank Forms organizes some of the best events in New York City. I helped edit the first issue of their magazine, which is out now.

Greene Naftali
I work here. Stop by some time.

CC Hennix: "For the 50th Anniversary of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme"
I'm helping out with an upcoming project by Christer; this poem isn't part of it, but it's similar to things that are, and also I just like it.

Memorial for Tony Conrad
I was fortunate to help plan these memorial events for Tony that took place in March and April 2017.

Kevin Roark
Kevin helped me make this website, and he also makes great art. Take a look.

More links to come…