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I’ve written articles of varying style and substance for Bandcamp, the Quietus, the White Review, the Brooklyn Rail, AdHoc, LA Review of Books, and a few other publications. Below are links to a bunch of examples.

On Lasse Marhaug's Pica Disk label (Bandcamp, June 2018)
Jenny Hval: The Long Sleep (Bandcamp, May 2018)
Anteloper: Kudu (Bandcamp, April 2018)
Thomas Cole's Journey: Atlantic Crossings (Brooklyn Rail, April 2018)
Seth Graham: Gasp (Bandcamp, March 2018)
Walking Point press release (Greene Naftali, February 2018)
Portal: ION (Bandcamp, January 2018)
Interview with Elysia Crampton (AdHoc, November 2017)
On Bill Orcutt and Peter Thiel (Hotel, October 2017)
William Eggleston: Musik (the Quietus, October 2017)
Alice Cooper: Paranormal (the Quietus, August 2017)
On humanoid robots and music (Thump, July 2017)
Interview with Bryan Funck of Thou (AdHoc, June 2017)
Lisa Alvarado: Sound Talisman (Brooklyn Rail, May 2017)
On Mark Leckey and The KLF (the White Review, April 2017)
Alex G: Rocket (Domino Records, March 2017)
Deborah Stratman: The Illinois Parables (Brooklyn Rail, December 2016)
Forma: Physicalist (the Quietus, October 2016)
Interview with Gary Wilson (AdHoc, September 2016)
Uriah Heep: Your Turn to Remember (the Quietus, September 2016)
Jeff Krulik, John Heyn: Heavy Metal Parking Lot (LA Review of Books, August 2016)
Dolly Parton: Pure & Simple (the Quietus, August 2016)
On Pokémon Go and Digital Space (Temporary Art Review, July 2016)
Steve Gunn: Eyes on the Lines (the Quietus, June 2016)
Cheryl Donegan: Your Plastic Video (Brooklyn Rail, June 2016)
Rangda: The Heretic's Bargain (the Quietus, February 2016)
On Oneohtrix Point Never, Jamie xx, and "Curationism" (AdHoc, December 2015)
Samson Young: Pastoral Music (Hyperallergic, December 2015)
Vega, Chilton, Vaughn: Cubist Blues (the Quietus, November 2015)
Wrekmeister Harmonies: Night of Your Ascension (the Quietus, November 2015)
Yoshi Wada: "Earth Horns with Electronic Drone" (Hyperallergic, November 2015)
I.B.M.: From the Land of Rape and Honey (the Quietus, October 2015)
Conrad Schnitzler: CON-MYTHOLOGY (Brooklyn Rail, October 2015)
The Hairy Who: What Nerve? (Temporary Art Review, September 2015)
Donato Dozzy: The Loud Silence (the Quietus, September 2015)
Interview with Simeon Coxe of Silver Apples (AdHoc, September 2015)
Matana Roberts: i call america (ArtSlant, August 2015)
Fox Millions Duo: Lost Time (the Quietus, August 2015)
Andrea Crespo: polymorphoses (ArtSlant, July 2015)
Ryan Dorin: Ratboy Genius (the Kernel, July 2015)
On Howard Menger's UFO Photos (Seminar with Branden Joseph, May 2015)
On Jaden and Willow Smith (CJLC, April 2015)
On Ralph Albert Blakelock (Boo-Hooray, February 2015)
Alice Coltrane: Turiya Sings (AdHoc, December 2014)