I've served in some editorial capacity on the following publications.

Aspirations of Madness (Blank Forms Editions, 2020)
Catherine Christer Hennix: Poësy Matters and Other Matters (Blank Forms Editions, 2019)
Joseph Jarman: Black Case, vol. I & II: Return from Exile (Blank Forms and After:Still, 1977/2019)
Loren Connors: Autumn’s Sun (Blank Forms Editions, 1987/2019)
Intelligent Life (Blank Forms Editions, 2019)
Henning Christiansen: Freedom is Around the Corner (Blank Forms Editions, 2018)
Music from the World Tomorrow (Blank Forms Editions, 2018)
Blank Forms Magazine (Blank Forms Editions, 2017)
AdHoc zine, Issues 2–23 (2014–2017)
Tony Conrad: What Music Did (forthcoming, tbd)