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Jun. 7, 2017: Neat, Cosey, Nobel

The Wire announced the Blank Forms magazine on their website and included some quotes from Lawrence. They posted my name near the bottom of the announcement, and, while it's really not a big deal (and all due to Lawrence in any case), it felt nice to see that. Maybe one day my name can be in the print magazine... as a writer... I think it's possible...

The Fall are playing five nights in Brooklyn in September. I don't know how good they'll be, but I'll buy a ticket for a night (or two). I'm moving at the end of the month—great place, with great people, but I'd rather not have to move. Alas. Having picked Cosey Fanni Tutti's book back up and now almost finished it, I can say that it gets better as it moves along; readers should skim the first 150 pages then key in from 150 to 350, then skim 350 to the end (about 500). Someone needs to—and probably will—write more about her in an art-historical context. Lots of important art stuff crops up, even if quickly, in her book. Connections to the LAFMS are worth exploring too... Wouldn't be impossible to have an essay that dug into TG, LAFMS, Poetics, Destroy All Monsters, Tony Conrad...

The Bob Dylan Nobel Lecture is essential listening. He made up a Moby-Dick quote. Incredible. Listening to his new album as I type this. Also incredible.

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