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May 16, 2017: Keeping Busy

This "blog" hasn't been on the top of my mind lately. I'll catalogue a few recent interests: three that come to mind are The Handmaid's Tale (the TV show), Angela Davis's Are Prisons Obsolete?, and Bonnie "Prince" Billy's cover of "Some of Us Fly" by Merle Haggard and Toby Keith. Cosey Fanni Tutti's Art Sex Music, which I'm reading now, has its moments; but, while she's an inspiring and brilliant and transgressive artist and musician (and seems to be a great human being in general), she's not much of a prose stylist. The first 150 pages—the part I've read thus far—could easily be trimmed to 50 pages maximum. It's mostly her childhood, though, so once we get into the late '70s and '80s I'm sure my interest will perk up.

Moving along: I've still been thinking a lot about regression and may try to write something more fleshed out about it soon—although first, I need to do some writing around our Colossal Youth book, both because I want to for my own interest and whatnot, and also to help sell copies. I'm used to finishing something then putting it away, but in the case of an actual thing that's for sale, well, you can't do that. (Not that I'm expecting major sales, but... the more the merrier, certainly.)

Will Trump get impeached? God, I hope so, even if I'm not holding my breath.

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